Wednesday, June 29, 2005

This ones for the GIRL- Virginia

Basically I'm bloging this for Virginia b/c she's the only one who reads my blog... So Virginia- I was Totally blessed by your prayers today!!! It was very evident!! I know you saw me in my emotional state on Monday night and thank God for sustaining me!! Today I was exceptionally blessed by my friendships. I know That you saw Carrie leaving the salon when you came in and she totally encouraged me in my singleness and my state of mind. That was before I ever even knew you where praying for me- What a Loving God we serve!!! P.S. You are a beautiful woman and your hair looked Awesome today!!:)

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Going Through the BIG D & I mean Dallas!!

I've never been a Huge fan of Dallas....But Shelly and I are huge Whitney fans and we had to come see her. Of course Shelly has perfect directions written- but once you get to Dallas it doesn't really matter. I think that's why I don't like this place. I mean I'd rather hang out in NYC any day!! At least in NYC you don't have to deal with traffic!! But all things aside Dallas has been good to us this weekend... Great shopping, swimming, coffee and a rock'in concert!!! The plan was to hang out with Whitney today and met up with our other really cool friends- Virginia and Cindy. The thing is all the hanging we did was at an Indian restaurant where I questioned the attractiveness of "Indian Chics" and in traffic where the tension is felt outside the car!! At least the concert was electrifying except for the 20 minutes that was wasted on bad music selection and NO hot guys to be seen for miles!!! Shelly got a fortune today that said tomorrow will be a productive day- which is actually today and so far so GOOD... what am I talking about we get to hang out with Whitney for a few more hours. Maybe I should go so we can get a good night sleep in our king size bed!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Now I'm Cool!!!

I just created this blog (Shelly) ... I'll be back (Amy).